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As an educator committed to advancing the state of the arts, I create a safe, open-minded atmosphere for performers to discover and transform their vulnerabilities. I create conversation where my students can challenge established ideologies within the business, while also understanding and respecting the historical contributions of our arts’ pioneers. Using my engaging leadership qualities, I am able to strengthen camaraderie and support between programs, bringing forth interdisciplinary conversations and engagements.


I aim to create an environment for performers to discover themselves and be transformed. For that to be achieved, I encourage students to be open-minded and embrace their vulnerability. This allows the stripping of layers of artificiality to become present in one’s skin through outward expression.  My goal is to utilize strengths and a common language to push artists from the unfamiliar and unknown territories to a level of greatness.  I find this reward of shaping young artists my biggest gift to the field.  Performers often seem surprised that they achieve this satisfaction so quickly and easily, through my mentorship. I’m not a “one size fits all” kind of guy.



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