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The Mask & The Armor:

        Ritual of Drag Identity

A Film by Mark Burrell
    Selected Scene
Trailer Coming Soon
Directed & Choreographed by Mark Burrell : Videography by Ryan McMahon

This film draws its power from the way it queers desire while blurring gender. Much like Shakespeare's  Sonnet 20 does not offer a queer sexuality, one which refuses gender identifications, but a reading of the relationship between desire and gender which demonstrates the way gender binds desire. This is why the homoeroticism in the sonnet cannot be repressed, even as its queerness cannot be celebrated. This film allows us to see beyond the rules which makes speaking about the ritual of drag possible, at the same time it offers a focus on the conversations of the LGBTQ community that are not always happening at the dinner table or over a cup of coffee.

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